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  • Can the refrigeration trailers be both a cooler and a freezer?
    Yes, our refrigeration trailers have the capability to go from 0 degrees to 50 degrees for all refrigeration needs.
  • Do you charge extra for after-hours and weekend deliveries?
    No, at Keeping it Cool, we believe being up front with our pricing. We do not charge extra for after hours or weekend deliveries.
  • What area do you service?
    We service all of South Carolina, lower North Carolina, and northern Georgia.
  • Can your trailers be used as a cooling station for events in hot temperatures?
    Yes, our trailers have the space to hold several seats to create cooling stations.
  • Do the trailers run on 115v or 220v?
    All our trailers run on 115v/15amp outlets, a standard outlet. We do ask that you have a dedicated circuit.
  • Can your coolers run with power from a generator?
    Yes, all our refrigeration/freezer trailers can be powered with a generator. We require that all rentals needing generator power, be supplied by Keeping it Cool, for an additional daily charge
  • How close do the refrigeration/freezer trailers have to be to an outlet?
    All our trailers come with a 50-foot 10-gauge extension cord. No additional extension cords are permitted.
  • Will locks be provided to secure the doors?
    Yes, locks and keys will be provided for the duration of the rental.
  • Do shelves come standard with the rental?
    Yes, all refrigeration/freezer trailers include shelving, if requested.
  • During the rental, can I move the refrigeration/freezer trailer?
    No, once the trailer is dropped off, locked down, and secured, it cannot be moved unless by a Keeping it Cool team member.
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